About Us

PAPA K'S PIZZA was started in 1997 by the Kruger family and has been feeding pizza lovers a wide variety of mouth watering pizza pies. While winning awards for our products is nice, we prefer the look of wonderment when our customers tell us the pizza they just ate was amazing. We believe that EVERY food item we produce should be of the highest quality at a reasonable price. PAPA K'S PIZZA is more than a pizza place. You can try our ovenbaked subs, handcrafted salads or any of our amazing cheesebreads and you will realize that we take our food seriously. From our family style portions, to our first class customer service, we at PAPA K'S PIZZA want you to always regard our establishments as the best. As we start our expansion into new markets, (Congratulations to Tom Krause on being the very first franchisee!) we want to be a regular part of your dining lifestyle. Life is short. You deserve the best...PAPA K'S PIZZA!